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Weekend Design Love

21 Mar

We spent this past weekend doing so many wonderfulhappyfabulous things!

  1. John built the retaining wall for our garden.  (My hero!!!)
  2. We completed a bunch of little projects that had been put off for months because we were waiting for just the right time (A DAY WITH MORE THAN FOUR HOURS OF UNINTERRUPTED SUNSHINE.) 
  3. Then on Sunday during an impromptu trip to a local flea market, the heavens opened up, choirs of angels began to sing and somewhere between a paperback copy of 55 Reasons To Shave Your Own Head and JUMP! : Skydiving Made Easy, this appeared before my very eyes:

That price tag in the upper right corner? 




(First editions in similar condition sell for upwards of $200.) 

“The last time a selection of home stories from the Times Magazine was published in book form was in Norma Skurka’s 1976 volume, The New York Times Book of Interior Design and Decoration. The book, which is now eagerly collected by design aficionados, offered a comprehensive and astute look at – and a valuable photographic record of – the work of the best designers of the time. “

– From Pilar Viladas’s 2005 book Domesticities: At Home with The New York Times Magazine

Blu Dot Swap Meet

2 Mar

Blu Dot’s Swap Meet is officially in full swing. Here are just a few ideas, you know, in case you’re the kind of guy who loves his girlfriend sooo much that you’d be willing to trade that bottle you found in the dirt right outside The Frank Sinatra Bungalow in Hollywood that was probably even owned by Frank Sinatra himself for a One Night Stand Sleeper Sofa.

For the rest of you furniture aficionados, head on over to Blu Dot and see what you can get in return for your talents, devices, oddities, deeds or taxidermy.