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21 Jun

With the first harvest of the season finally here, we are so excited to make dinner tonight with food from our own garden.  After the stress and worry the last six months have brought- the creative drought, leaving my job, going back to school, working tirelessly to find the next path in life; it is a good feeling to finally be able to enjoy what we have been cultivating together as a family.


Spring Break

6 Apr

Spring is Mother Nature’s way of re-inventing herself.  A time of rebirth & renewal when all that has lay stagnant for months, hidden under the cold harsh grays of winter is finally able to s-t-r-e-t-c-h its arms and re-enter the world.

There is so much beauty that I want to share in this space in the coming months.  But I first need to find the time to clean out some cobwebs, dust away a few layers and sow some new seeds.   To regain the focus that I have lost in all of the cold and muted months of winter.  And so I will be taking a short break from here.  But just like the seedlings that have been planted, I will be back very soon- emerging from the soil, thirsty for life, & reaching up, toward that bright orange ball in the sky.

Hello, Spring!

20 Mar

It seems we’re not the only ones excited to be feathering our nest today..

Shelter from the storm

12 Mar

I often find myself caught up in my own little world. Concerned over earth-shattering dilemmas such as finding just the right paint color. Then I turn on the news and a country a world away has been devastated by disaster.  And I realize not only how incredibly blessed I am to be safe and surrounded by those I love, but how inconsequential most other things really are.

While you hold those you love just a little closer tonight, please remember this:

Just because we may be in another corner of the world, doesn’t mean we can’t help. 

You can text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation to the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief Fund.
Or visit Etsy shops that have pledged to donate part or all of their profits to assist those suffering from this terrible tragedy.

Then I opened the birthday card from my mom…

25 Feb

In her defense, twenty seven years is a long time to remember something.


24 Feb

I have reached a point where most people begin to consider that life is getting shorter.  And they are getting older.  Where the time remaining begins to amass with all that has gone before.  Where even the tiniest wrinkle is a sign that the end is not as far off as it used to be.  And as if the wrinkles alone weren’t enough to scare you, every single wasted moment seems one less reason to smile. 

And then I remember to breathe. 

Because maybe the key is to stop acting the role.
To never get old. 
To allow happiness and beauty into even the darkest moments. 
To give yourself permission to simply be.
And maybe not just on those special days, but the ones in between, too.

A Novice’s Guide to Happiness

16 Feb

We arrived home yesterday from some much-needed naps on the beach, bicycle rides to the market, home- (or at least hotel room) -cooked meals with fresh, locally grown ingredients and a whole bunch of doing absolutely nothing together.

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So often it seems that life could not get any better than this. No matter how much we are guilted as individuals into wanting bigger, better and newer things; the answer continues to be living a simple life and making the most of ourselves and the blessings we are given.